Monday Morning QB on The Who’s Halftime Performance

Roger Daltrey (left) and Pete Townshend perform onstage at Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.

A day after The Who headlined the Super Bowl XLIV halftime show, there are too many online reviews to count, but a general feeling seems to be that the group did not come close to matching its reputation as the world’s loudest rock ‘n’ roll band.

The New York Times said “It looked as if the show’s producers that the rock geezers at the center [Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey] might not look herioc enough to the camera.” And The Houston Chronicle said that “[Daltrey] and Townshend harmonized like bickering walruses.”

Some reviews were more complimentary, as The Los Angeles Times’ music blog mentioned that “As [Townshend] swung his trademark windmills on ‘Baba O’Riley’, he certainly looked the part, playing the role of a man 30 years younger.” And Rolling Stone Magazine called The Who’s 12-minute set an “Explosive Medley of Big Hits.”


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